VEKA operates worldwide as a group of companies, having an active presence in over 50 national markets. Worldwide network of manufacturing facilities, logistics centers and sales offices allows us to understand and adapt to any specific requirements and desires of our more than 3,000 partners, offering diversity in meeting individual desires. In over 40 years of existence, VEKA has steadily improved range of technical solutions portfolio, but more than that,  the company developed internal mechanisms and value-added services available to partners worldwide.

Our impressive portfolio of products and services available in Romania can meet the most demanding requirements and needs coming from architects, builders, real estate developers and, last but not least, the final beneficiaries. The exceptional quality products, but also a set of strong values ​​built around the concepts of partnership and responsibility maintain Veka in the leading position of the worldwide production of PVC profiles for windows and doors insulated.

VEKA is Das Qualitätsprofil.


SOFTLINE 70 profiles

Veka 70


Profile system
• Elegant, slightly rounded edges
• 5-chamber profi les with a standard installation depth of 70 mm
• Wall thickness of 3 mm in accordance with RAL standards
• Style options: recessed or semi-recessed external surface
• Visible surface: 118–131 mm
• Steel reinforcements in accordance with VEKA reinforcement

Applications and functionality

• Standard windows, thermal insulation and sound insulation windows, safety windows, sliding elements, French windows
• Tilt-turn, casement, hopper and French casement windows and parallel tilt-and-slide doors with single or multiple
casements, fi xed or combinable, glazing to DIN 1836 1

Quality assurance
• Certifi ed member of GKFP, the German quality assurance association for uPVC window profi les
• Quality testing according to the RAL quality mark for uPVC windows

Physical properties

• Thermal insulation to DIN 4108 and German regulations for energy conservation, EnEV
• Sound insulation to VDI 2719 SSK, sound transmission classes II to V
• Burglary resistant according to DIN V ENV 1627–1630, up to resistance class 2

Heat transfer coefficient of window elements

Depending on type of glazing
• With warm edge: up to 1,0 W/m 2K
• With aluminium edge: up to 1,1 W/m 2K

Gasket system
•  Gasket around sash and outer frame
•  2 seal levels with high-quality material
•  Elegant grey as standard colour Glazing rebate
•  Insertion depth: 24 mm
•  Thickness of pane (in the standard combination of sash/ outer frame) combined with rounded glazing bead: 24–36 mm
•  Thickness of pane (in the standard combination of sash/ outer frame) combined with other glazing beads from the VEKA system range: 14–42 mm

Hardware in accordance with DIN 18357
•  Compatible with system-tested, quality assured hardware
•  Free choice of handles

• Panel profiles, extensions, window sill connections, wall connections, couplings, additional reinforcements, ventilation, cover profiles


SOFTLINE 82 profiles

Veka 82

Profile specifications
• World class energy efficiency ideally suited for low-energy/passive house windows
• 82 mm system with multichamber profile geometry
• Wall thickness conforms to highest quality standard, RAL Class A (DIN EN 12608, Class A)
• VEKA quality for the best in rigidity, functionality and service life
• Proven steel reinforcements from decades of experience – conforming to VEKA Reinforcement Guidelines
•  The perfect choice for new construction and refurbishments

Energy efficiency
• Efficient heat insulation that fulfils the current and foreseeable regulatory requirements saves energy and heating costs while protecting your investment
• Thermal performance of profiles: U f = 1.0 W/(m2K)
• Thermal performance of complete window after glazing e.g.
Uw = 0.91 W/( m2K) if pane has Ug = 0.7 W/( m 2K), ψg = 0.050 W/(mK)
Uw = 0.67 W/( m2K) if pane has Ug = 0.4 W/( m 2K), ψg = 0.035 W/(mK)

Sealing system

• Three sealing levels shield off noise, cold, damp and draughts
• Added centre seal inside the window frame
• High-quality gaskets in black or grey
• Also available with standard rebate seals

Glazing rebate
• 25 mm pane mounting depth for improved thermal properties
• Wide range of glazing options from 24 mm to 52 mm pane thickness enables utmost flexibility in creating individual stationary windows and casements

Creative possibilities
• Large surface finish choice of close to 50 different colours and decors, as well as aluminium caps

• Eco-friendly thanks to our resources preserving production process
• SOFTLINE 82 profiles are near-100% recyclable


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