Energy efficiency brought to perfection: fully reinforced window profile from tech material RAU-FIPRO ®


GENEO ® is energetically best window profile system with 86 mm depth which currently exists in the construction market. Particularity of  GENEO ® system is high-tech material RAU-FIPRO ®. This fiberglass composite material provides a great stability to this profile. With this technique, the steel reinforcement is no longer necessary, an this means a 90% cost reduction. In this way, GENEO ® provides the best thermal insulation values​​, eliminating thermal bridges caused by steel reinforcement. Even technical regulations for energy conservation (EnEV) are carried over GENEO ® requirements. At the same time, the windows provide scope for design and comfort, without having to compromise.




– Profile Depth 86 mm / 6 chambers
– Thermal Insulation Uf up to 0.85 W/m2K
– Sound Insulation Glazing 50dB = Rw,P 47 dB
– Air Permeability EN 12207 Class 4
– Water Resistance EN 12208 Class 9A
– Enhanced Security up to WK3 /WK2 without steel
– Surface smooth, easy to clean
– Ideal for energy efficient buildings, regardless if new build or refurbishment. From current Building Regulations up to
Passive House Standard.


Outstanding innovative

– Innovative material development from REHAU: RAU-FIPRO®
– High structural strength and torsion stability
– Fibre reinforced profiles
– Tested and proven material mix and production capability
– Structural strength which has been unachieved without steel until now
– After use in the aeroplane industry and Formula 1 RAU-FIPRO® is now used in the window industry.


Centre Seal

– Three continuous sealing levels in highest quality
– High elastic, durable gasket material for long design life
– Gaskets already pre-inserted into profiles for improved window fabrication process


Well equipped against burglar

– Highest security through special keeps and additional security features
– High stability without steel reinforcement
– Successful test of Enhanced Security WK 2
– Energy efficiency not affected
– Enhanced Security WK3 achievable with GENEO® and additional measures


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