You invest a lot  in your home. And you want it to meet your needs down to the last detail. Double glazing windows REHAU Euro Design 70 always contributes to the nice feeling when you get back home, primarily if you have special demands in terms of design.

Because double glazing windows REHAU Euro Design 70  perfectly completes your home. Diverse forms, colors available (with a special coating) and sashes design offers many options.

In addition, you have a special opportunity: with aluminum caps that can fit perfectly doors and windows into aluminum facade or create special accents.



The design system with constructive depth of 70 mm for housing

Euro-Design 70 offers the best conditions for construction projects. Accredited with quality standards, REHAU Euro-Design 70 is an economical window. Many shapes, colors and palette design offers numerous possibilities for their design.


  • constructive depths: 70 mm
  • number of chambers: 5
  • thermic insulation:

Uf= 1,3 W/m²K (Euro-Design 70 – standard)

Uf = 1,2 W/m²K (Euro Design 70 plus thermal barier)

  • Fonic insulation: up to Rw,P= 45 dB
  • Burglar protection: up to resistance class 3 (WK3) ( ENV 1627)
  • Air permeability: Class 4 (EN 12207)
  • Tightness to rain: up to Class 9A (EN 12208)



  • Economic system for many applications
  • HDF surface (High-Definition Finishing) is of high quality, extremely smooth and durable, easy to clean
  •  tilted frames for better drainage and easy cleaning
  • Optimal static characteristics due to great depth armature
  • In general, the same type of frame and sash reinforcement for reducing of stocks
  • Optionally, weldable seals at your choice for rational processing
  • Ecological and recyclable



  • Design options by choosing sash shapes: straight or round
  • Extensive design possibilities by staining with decorative foil, coating or plating on the outside with aluminum covers
  • Individual forms such as: windows can be made round, irregular and inclined or divided



The following accessories and additional products are available for the Euro Design 70:

– Anti-mold solutions for corners:

–  Prevents the formation of mold and dampness (DIN 4108-2)

–   The three corner solutions: 90 °, 135 ° and variable interior angle between 90 ° and 180 °

– REHAU Comfort-Design plus: The roll profile provides effective protection against light and prying eyes. Alternatively, available with insect mesh roll.


Energy savings through thermic insulation

Double glazing windows are an investment for life: when renovate or build something new, you should take an important decision. If you value design, comfort of home, saving costs through thermic insulation and maintenance of the value invested, REHAU Euro Design 70 windows are the right choice.

Of course, Euro Design 70 meets all requirements of energy saving regulation EnEV.

With double glazing windows REHAU Euro Design 70 you will feel protected in your house even in winter. Thanks to a very good thermal insulation, heat stays where it belongs: inside your house. So you can enjoy a comfortable climate in your home and a little bill on heating costs.

Double glazing REHAU Euro Design 70 windows are ideal components to ensure low energy consumption in housing construction and rehabilitation of thermal insulation to renovate old buildings.


Protection against penetration by burglars

For you to be more relaxed when you are home but also when you  travel, REHAU Euro-Design 70 windows are available with different classes of resistance to burglary, as needed.

Since most intrusion attempts in the world occur in windows or balcony doors, their individual design to prevent entry into the home is very important.

Various locks and other security measures permit establishing protection measures required for each window REHAU Euro-Design 70 individually.

Basic safety system: for inaccessible windows, basic safety system is sufficient.

Resistance class WK1: for inaccessible windows, basic protection against burglary attempts by physical force, such as hitting, pushing, vandalism. Is integrated and protection against the use of simple tools.

Resistance class WK2: for easily accessible windows. Window protection is ensured by additional measures to prevent penetration opportunity offender who would try to break the constructive element, lock and locked, using simple tools such as screwdrivers, pliers and chisels.


Phonic insulation

Even when outside is noise, REHAU Euro Design 70 windows take care that your home should be a pleasant peaceful place,  specially when in your immediate neighborhood there are strong noise sources.

For places exposed to noise, special windows REHAU Euro Design 70 can be individually tailored to your specific requirements, providing protection that can go up to class 4. So your comfort is assured even if the exterior noise is extremely high.  Select REHAU Euro-Design 70 when you need special antiphon protection.


Ventilation and protection against condensation

To avoid moisture, which promotes the formation of dampness, the REHAU AirComfort system controls fresh air entering through windows by wind pressure. This original solution substantially reduces the risk of damage to the building due to moisture. When wind pressure increases, the mechanism reacts significantly and closes automatically. Thus, the room is nice ventilated and the air current is avoided.

Flexible system works mechanical, requires no power supply and is very economical. It can be installed without screws and drilling and easily after. Innovative solutions is suited to use for both new construction and renovated buildings.


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