Double glazing windows is an investment for a lifetime. When you renovate or build something new, you should take an important decision. If you appreciate safe, quality and economy, double glazing windows REHAU Euro-Design 60 is the right answer.

Rehau Euro-Design 60


Economic alternative with a design depth of 60 mm for construction projects. The basic design, with 3 chambers and constructive depth of 60 mm is suitable for areas of application with reduced requirements regarding thermal insulation and design.

Construite pe baza principiului cu trei camere cu o adancime constructiva de 60 mm, ferestrele cu geam termopan sau tripan realizate din profile Euro Design 60 si calitatea sigura a acestora conving si din punct de vedere economic. Bineinteles, Euro Design 60 respecta toate cerintele noilor norme de economisire a energiei EnEV.

With smooth and elegant inclinations of 45 degrees, double glazing windows REHAU Euro Design 60 gives an aesthetically aspect to each house. Two layers of sealing prevents the penetration of air current, dust and water, maintaining a pleasant climate in the home.

Constructed on the basis of three chambers with a constructive depth of 60 mm, double glazing windows  made ​​from Euro Design 60 profiles and their quality convince also on economic side. Of course, Euro Design 60 meets all requirements of new energy-saving standards EnEV.



– Constructive Depth: 60 mm / gasket contact
– Number of rooms: 3 Rooms
– Thermal insulation: Uf = 1,6 W / m² K
– Sound insulation: Sound insulation up to class 4 (VDI 2719)
– Air tightness: up to class 4 (DIN EN 12207)
– Tightness showers: 9A (DIN EN 122 008)


– Smooth, easy to clean

– Rebate tilted frames facilitate better targeting of water and cleaning

– Optimal static characteristics due fittings with deeper depth
– Identical fittings for frames and sashes for rational storage
– Optional co-extruded gaskets for a reasonable finish
– Ecological, so recyclable


– Elegant Optic inclined at 15 °
– Countless possibilities of expression through color palette and decorative foils made ​​by painting


The following accessories and additional products are available for the Euro-Design 60:

–  Anti-mold solutions for corners:

          -Prevents the formation of mold and dampness(DIN 4108-2)

          – The three corner solutions: 90 °, 135 ° and variable interior angle between 90 ° and 180 °

– REHAU Comfort-Design plus – roll system profile provides effective protection against light and prying eyes. Alternatively, available with insect mesh roll.

Your need to enjoy your windows for a long time and with not t0o much work. Therefore, double glazing windows REHAU Euro Design 60 are executed at a high level of quality. Thus they maintain their characteristics and because surfaces are smooth and easy to maintain.

Double glazing windows REHAU Euro Design 60 are made only from high quality materials and are manufactured with maximum care. RAU-PVC material is very resistant to weather, easy to maintain and is adding a long-term contribution for maintaining and increasing the value of your home. Due to smooth surfaces and tilted frame elements, double glazing windows REHAU Euro Design 60 can be cleaned easily with water with a little detergent and a soft cloth.

Phonic insulation

Even when outside is noise, REHAU Euro Design 60 windows take care that your home should be a pleasant peaceful place,  specially when in your immediate neighborhood there are strong noise sources.

For places exposed to noise, special windows REHAU Euro Design 60 can be individually tailored to your specific requirements, providing protection that can go up to class 4. So your comfort is assured even if the exterior noise is extremely high.

Ventilation and protection against condensation

To avoid moisture, which promotes the formation of dampness, the REHAU AirComfort system controls fresh air entering through windows by wind pressure. This original solution substantially reduces the risk of damage to the building due to moisture. When wind pressure increases, the mechanism reacts significantly and closes automatically. Thus, the room is nice ventilated and the air current is avoided.

Flexible system works mechanical, requires no power supply and is very economical. It can be installed without screws and drilling and easily after. Innovative solutions is suited to use for both new construction and renovated buildings.

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