REHAU Brillant-Design windows – designed for clients with the highest demands.

5-chamber profile system combined with an elegant design reflects your refined taste to “perfect living”. An outstanding surface treatment, rounded edges, arches and chamfers on the profile visible parts enhance the modern and attractive design. Moreover, thanks to a remarkably wide range of colour shades the REHAU Brillant-Design systems can meet virtually any requirements on the window colour finish options from standard white to many types of wood imitations. The system employs combination of high thermal insulation with variety of shapes. Profile depth of 70 mm with 5 insulating air chambers or 80 mm structure with 6 chambers and the applied stop stripping system always take into account requirements for low energy standard and provide the rooms with pleasant climate. REHAU systems offer also several unique solutions of permanent ventilation maintaining optimum climate in the living areas and preventing efficiently mould formation.




•    – profile depth: 70 mm (frame optimization: 80 mm) / stop stripping system
•    – number of chambers: 5 chambers (6 chambers)
•    – thermal insulation: U= 1,3 W/m2K (with standard reinforcement)
•    – soundproofing: noise insulation up to grade 5 (VDI 2719)
•    – anti-burglary resistance: resistance up to grade 3 (DIN V ENV 1627)
•    – air permeability and tightness against rain drifted by the wind: up to load class C (DIN 18055)
•    – solution of angle joint preventing the dew point isotherm penetration



•    – conventional straight window sash or skewed window shape
•    – arched window shape and arched frame of 80 mm (with 6-chamber profile)
•    – wide design options: wood effect laminated foils, varnishing or use of aluminium cover plates
•    – light gray sealing highlighting white profiles
•    – elegant design thanks to 20° chamfer


Possibilities of application

•    – low energy houses and energy known renovations of old buildings
•    – above standard housing development
•    – window and balcony door construction
•    – soundproofing windows for extreme requirements up to noise insulation class 5

Other important characteristics:

•    – Comfortable handling: As for the convenience of handling, windows made of REHAU profiles in combination with the German outstanding ROTO NT hardware represent the absolute top of what is nowadays available on our market.
•    – Anti-burglary security system: Both the REHAU window profiles and the applied all-peripheral ROTO NT hardware include a large number of integrated safety elements assuring high standard of your home protection.
•    – Noise protection: When using the appropriate soundproof glazing we can reach the optimum attenuation of noise up to grade 4according to all EU Standards.
•    – Easy maintenance: Both the smooth surface and the skewed overlap on the window frames make the maintenance of REHAU window profiles simple and easy. The windows can be additionally treated with an antistatic agent.

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