At TROCAL priority is QUALITY. Trocal profiles come into production only if they meet predetermined quality standards. Both profiles and joiner finite elements are systematically subjected to various tests. HT Troplast AG is headquartered in Troisdorf  (region Bonn – Cologne), is a division of Rutgers AG and is present with its products in Europe, Asia, South America, North America. The company is  producing PVC double glazing systems and other synthetic materials, many of them dominates the world market (Trosifol, Trocellen, trolls, Dynos, Sika Trocal).

Trocal InnoNova


In the field of construction materials Trocal is a name that made ​​history:

1954 – the first window of PVC windows in the world produced in series;
1967 – the first multi-chamber profile system for PVC joinery with double glazing;
1975 – the first colorful coextrusion profiles with acrylic, currently there are already 28 different colors;
1997 – the first system of  greenhouses (Wintergarten), multiple choice forr and ventilation;
1990 – the first system of the corner connection  of the door leaf,  revolutionary achievement for doors strength and reliability;
1992 – Comfort Trocal system, evidence of the power of adaptation to market requirements;
1998 – Thermal protection was enhanced by the 4 rooms Trocal profiles;
1999 – multi-chamber profiles coupling;
2000 – the first system in the world of plastic windows, but without PVC, as environmentally friendly alternative to objectives which do not allow the use of materials containing chlorine;
2000 – sections 3 bedroom main door;
2000 – 5-chamber profile for exceptional thermal protection;
2002 – 5-chamber profile plated aluminum, barter AluClip.
2003 – the beginning of a new generation of systems InnoNova_70 TROCAL profiles.
2004 – TROCAL InnoVisionen was presented to the public during the first Fair Nuremberg 2004 and is the bedrock of future business.
2006 – Alufusion unique combination of aluminum and PVC which combines the advantages of both materials.
2008 – Trocal launches the exhibition Fensterbau / Frontale the Nuremberg a new generation of PVC “Trocal 88 +” which highlights the depth of 88mm constructive representing the transition to a new dimension in the field of constructions.

Trocal profiles are made of tough PVC material compatible environment:
• underlying materials for manufacturing hard PVC  are crude oil and salt;
• production of Trocal profiles and joinery is an environment friendly activity;
• Trocal carpentry maintenance requires no chemicals;
• carpentry does not require painting ;
• Report quality, reliability, price, guarantees a perfect investment.
• thermal protection due to the 2, 3 or 4 rooms of profiles will reduce home heating costs;
• antistatic treated smooth surface profiles prevents dust and ensures quick and easy cleaning;
• joinery quality is preserved even after decades of use, lifetime exceeding 50 years Trocal windows;
• disused carpentry requires no storage or burning, is 100% organic.

Trocal profiles offer a complete range of attractive colors that can blend perfectly with house facade, for this there are 2 options:
• coextruded color profiles – by simultaneously extruded hard PVC and a layer of acrylic (PMMA) we obtain 28 color profiles, highly stable to external factors.
• PVC coated aluminum – aluminum profiles “dress” PVC profiles are colored by industrial methods and then clipped the common element by carpenters. Virtually any color can be made according palette RAL or NCS color catalog.

Trocal authorized manufacturers can advise you professionally.



The INNONOVA 70 was presented for the first time  at Fensterbau 2000 exhibition in Nuremberg, the series that satisfies the most demanding requirements of thermal insulation.


• This series satisfies the most demanding requirements of thermal insulation.
• provides better thermal insulation with a new 5 rooms and a thickness of 70 mm.
• the heat transfer coefficient is (Uf) * k = 1.1 W/m2K.
• good thermal insulation obtained because the folder glass that has the depth of 20 mm;
• multi-chamber system and auxiliary profiles coextruded gasket guarantees a high tightness and excellent weather protection for any geographic area;
• the quality of TROCAL profiles INNONOVA 70, in terms of thermal insulation, is due to the fact that reinforcements are well concealed;
• through a special arrangement of interior walls wing obtains additional resistance to torsion
TROCAL INNONOVA 70 has an attractive design;
• glass linings from the outside and inside are at the same level;
• wing and frame each other harmoniously;
• outer contours are absolutely the same;
• due to rounded shapes, fold frame can be cleaned easily;
• Uf is the new heat transfer coefficient for PVC profiles calculated according to German norms DIN EN ISO10077-1 / 2,000.11. UF was measured according to EN 12412-2 attempt / 2001.02



From the desire to achieve a higher quality, Trocal is in a constant innovation of its products and presents its new technology “Trocal 88 +”.
Intelligent construction of new profile ensures outstanding improvement values ​​for thermal insulation, sound insulation and safety. Being also fully recyclable, based on a formula Calcium-Zinc 100% free of lead, with a life expectancy by over 50 years, Trocal 88 + adapts to the most demanding aesthetic desires and configuration required by design of modern architects all over the world .
With the complete freedom of design, Trocal 88 + opens new attractive possibilities for modern construction work, providing a high level of elegance and perfection of proportions, becoming a guide to the future.



• heat transfer coefficient Uf = 1.0 W/m2K (with steel without insulation);
• recommended to passive houses Uf <0.8 W/m2K (with extra thermal insulation);
• middle thermal seal ;
• three gaskets that provide superior protection against pouring rain and wind;
• complex technology with 6 rooms, with a depth of 88mm in both frame and sash. Rooms are sized to provide optimal insulation;
• improved comfort through superior Uw coefficients, which provide high temperature on surfaces and reduce the danger of condensation;
• in the frame there is a drip edge to remove any water from condensation;
• establishment of additional profiles is improved due to clamping and sealing system with coextruded gasket;
• innovative seal sash rebate ensures additional thermal insulation;
• improved sound insulation systems compared to 70mm;
• high range vitrification (24-46/54) special sound insulation and safety glass (vitrification triple);
• better protection from burglary due to special fixing latch;
• long life and robustness thanks to improved statistics;
• fixing windows is through an area specifically designed for anchor;
• Easy maintenance due to hardware layout in the protected area behind the seal median.


KBE 70

KBE System 70 is designed respecting the latest technical demands. They meet all the requirements that someone may have today from a window.
If you plan to build or renovate a building to find the new windows fit perfectly into any type of architecture.
For renovating historic facades is available a wide range of decorative profiles. The windows are made ​​of high quality KBE profiles. Production profile is subject to permanent supervision of national and international institutes.


PVC windows are made only from manufacturers certified and well trained. An optimum service and consulting are normal for these professionals.


• width 70 mm;
• 100% lead-free profiles, Greenline certified;
• 5-chamber profile reinforced with galvanized steel;
• coextruded gasket profiles;
• Available in PVC white + various colors;
• good quality sound and thermal insulation;
• Uf = 1.3 W/m2K (standard arm);
• Glass can be mounted on 24 mm to 38 mm without adapter;
• Special sound insulation (up to 45dB);
• windows and sliding doors, lift – slide and harmonica;
• full and varied range of profiles and accessories (3 types of rods, 3 types of sashes, frames);
• same reinforcement in the frame and sash;
• Well designed air chambers to ensures optimal air cushion;
• co-extruded EPDM gasket that can be replaced later;
• same wand on frame and sash;
• Fast and efficient water evacuation thanks to inclined pavement;
• increased clamping ribs that allows a more efficient grip of the foam;
• 16mm Euronut compatible with all types of hardware;
• Door frames 106mm and 126mm;
• Complete system coupling and hardening.

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