Entrance door is a bussiness card of your house. Therefore, it must look good and be within visual picture of the house. But just as important as the design is convenience: it must function reliably for a protector against weather and to provide maximum security in a sustainable manner. By using specific profiles with special door panels, obtain a combination of design and maximum comfort and functionality.

Reduced energy consumption – Brillant Design

A passive house is, due to increases in energy costs, a profitable investment because both in summer and winter, you don’t use energy classical resources. REHAU managed to get the first entry door system certified for passive houses, which has proven its worth on the market. The system Brillant-Design profiles and filler panel Climate-Class achieves  necessary thermal insulation values, but at the same time allows freedom of design.

The requirements for an entry door are high. Brillant-Design provides thermal insulation and other benefits such as sound insulation and burglary protection.

Profiles with 4 rooms on constructive depth of 70 mm, large steel fittings, guarantee stability.



  • – Depth: 70 mm / gasket contact
  • – Chambers: 4 in the wing, 5 in the frame
  • – Very high degree of thermal and sound insulation
  • – Tightness air currents/showers: to request group C (RAL-GZ 996)
  • – Sealed by 2 gasket levels at the door-step
  • – Special door-step for a house without barriers


  • – Many possibilities of configuration by staining with decorative foil, by painting or aluminum decorative caps
  • – Gray gaskets trace contours on white profiles
  • – Elegant optics thanks to the surface inclined to 20°


  • – Entry areas in case of renovations on energy optimized buildings
  • – New buildings with floors and low power consumption
  • – Entrance doors in one wing, with interior and exterior open, even with the sidelight
  • – Entrance doors in two wings, with interior and exterior open, or with fanlight
  • – Construction of entry door elements in the most diverse manners


  • – Smooth, easy to maintain
  • – Optimal stability due to large reinforcements, with large construction depth
  • – Use weldable corner joints for a greater degree of stability

GENEO® Passive House Certified Entrance Door System

When choosing an entrance door, aspects like energy efficiency, design, and durability are essential considerations.  The features of the GENEO® entrance door system can satisfy all of these considerations due mainly to the high-tech material RAUFIPRO®,which forms an integral part of the door system. RAUFIPRO®, the innovative material formulation created by REHAU results in PVC door profiles with high stability, torsional stiffness and static properties, which were previously not possible without the addition of steel reinforcements. RAUFIPRO® has been developed based on fibre composites used in aircraft construction and Formula 1 vehicles bringing high end technology to the window manufacturing industry.



  • – Passive House certified.
  • – Depth: 86mm / 6-chamber-system.
  • – Warmth insulation up to Uf=0,76 W/m²K (with sash covering filling Up=0,317 W/m²K).
  • – Great stability due to fibreglass forced profile heart RAUFIPRO®
  • – Burglary resistant up to resistance class 2 without steel, highest insulation is guaranteed with optimum noise protection.
  • – Barrier-free ground sill according to DIN 18024, 18025 and 18040 with a height of 20mm.
  • – High Definition Finishing-surface (HDF): a premium, absolutely smooth surface ensuring very little maintenance.
  • – Environmentally friendly as the GENEO® system is recyclable.
  • – Perfect energy efficiency  – with the GENEO® system (Windows, Front Doors, Patio Doors) you are able to insulate your building envelope perfectly.



  • – High profile new buildings and low energy housing.
  • – Single-leaf front doors opening inside, with side panel.
  • – Double-leaf front doors opening inside, with skylights.
  • – Front door constructions in different varieties.
  • – Exclusively only at REHAU: optional covered fittings for a perfect look and low maintenance, without interrupting fitting elements.
  • – Wide-ranging in design, thanks to colour options with foil finishes or aluminum-facing formwork.
  • – Almost limitless design with different front door fillings and all kinds of glazing up to 53mm.


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