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EXTRUPLAST is the newest and the most modern manufacturer of PVC profiles for windows and doors in Eastern Europe — being equipped with state of the art GREINER EXTRUSIONTECHNIK – Austria and KRAUSS MAFFEI – Germany technology.

Extruplast factory is equipped with state of the art Greiner Extrusiontechnik – Austria and Krauss Maffei – Germany technology, which ranks it as the most modern PVC profiles manufacturer in Eastern Europe. The factory construction and fitting using Austrian and German materials and machinery were carried out under the watchful supervision of Greiner Group Institute and the help of German and Austrian engineers and technicians representing/commissioned by this Institute in Romania.



Extruplast factory also owns a fully equipped laboratory used for performing all required tests on Extruplast profiles, so they perfectly comply with international standards. The factory’s personnel is highly specialized due to training periods in Greiner plants, furthermore substantiates the quality of Extruplast profiles.

Extruplast is a factory which places quality of profiles first and, therefore, its main objectives are:
– the full satisfaction of customers’ needs by means of a wide variety of products;
– the permanent quality assurance and compliance with international standards for Extruplast products;
– establishing an attractive price with regard to quality and competition, accessible to all carpentry manufacturers.


EXTRUPLAST profiles frame within the profile systems class A – they are 4 thermal isolation chambered profiles of 3mm external walls and 60mm width and they sum up high thermal and phonic insulation, and aesthetics characteristics.

– same crease construction, while identical cuttings are displayed on the case, sash and soldier;
– the special joints ensure perfect sealing;
– same bracing profile for the case and sash;
– profil de bracing profile (zinc-plated steel) of 1.5 mm thickness;
– channels for mounting the stick;
– glass of thickness between 4 and 24mm can be mounted (phonic proof, break-in prevention glass etc.);

– the crease, smooth and slanting both on the case and sash, ensures a better drainage and is easy to maintain.


4 chambered EXTRUPLAST profiles are a profitable choice as they combine high thermal and phonic insulation, esthetics and break-in prevention characteristics.

– the 4 chamber technique ensures high thermal insulation values – the thermal insulation chambers are the compartments between the profile external surface, almost parallel, delimited left-right by the profiles side walls and ensuring the phonic and thermal insulation;
– with two joints included, they guarantee that your home will be kept away from dirt, dust and rainfalls;
– modern and ornamental window stick suitable for any type of decoration;
– depending onto the chosen option, one, two or tree glasses can be joined, thus noise proofing your home;
– the 4 chamber 60mm profile systems ensure the most economical thermal insulation in difficult weather conditions;
– having an aesthetic aspect and pure and bright white colour, it is an excellent choice for any location;
– the conceived structure ensures high measures of break-in prevention;
– due to clean and bright surfaces, they are easy to maintain and dust is reduced to minimum with the aid of antistatic agents;
– we use the most ergonomic and durable opening and closing systems;
– so you could enjoy Extruplast doors and windows for lengthy time spans, the latest technology and German additives provide the quality assurance.

Certifications for the Extruplast PVC profiles

Extruplast profiles were certified for conformity by INCERC (The National Institute for Research-Development in Constructions and Economy of Constructions) – member of the European Network of Building Research Institutes, member of the European Union for Technical Approval in Constructions, member of the World Organisation for Technical Approvals and observer in the European Organisation for Technical Approvals.

• determining the GAT 223/1996 dimensions

• determining the GAT 223/1996 linearity

• the GAT 223/1996 linear mass

• the GAT 223/1996 dimensional stability upon warm air action

• the GAT 223/1996 gel formation


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