Why choose PVC windows with double glazing made  from ALUPLAST profiles sold by Practic Plast Romania?

Aluplast PVC windows are designed to meet the most demanding requirements. Qualities that can be embedded in a window differ depending on its purpose and role.

Aluplast PVC windows offers a high degree of thermal protection an they  can reduce energy consumption for a building by up to 30%.

Aluplast PVC windows are equipped with sun protection qualities glass that reduce the appearance of the greenhouse effect. For homes with facades facing east, south and west, solar protection reduces the need for air conditioning systems and thus reduces electricity costs. Save over 50% on cooling costs for your home.

Aluplast PVC windows provides high noise protection. For buildings in the vicinity of noise sources we can use special types of insulating glass that provides an additional noise protection.

Aluplast PVC windows can have a special ventilation system that is mounted in window frame,  at the top of the insulating glass. This system allows airing rooms, with the ability to adjust airflow. In this way uncontrolled heat losses are minimized through ventilation and you can avoid appearance of air streams.

Aluplast PVC windows profiles with widths greater than 70mm, with opening tilt-turn, features a micro-ventilation system. Positioning the handle of the window at an angle of 45 degrees from the opening turn and tilt, allows an airflow that provides continuous ventilation of the room, in conditions of maximum security.

PVC windows and doors made from Aluplast profiles sold by Practic Plast Romania have an extended warranty to 5 years.


ALUPLAST profile types

SLIM profiles – Ideal 2000

Slim profiles are characterized by a sleek and smooth design. The profiles used for the frame are discrete. This makes a greater window area to be occupied by glass allowing natural light to penetrate inside your home in substantially higher amounts than other types of windows. They allow a better natural lighting throughout the day and reduce the need to use artificial lighting, while maintaining high protection level. The sensation created by the rounded surface of the frame is fascinating, leaving the impression of delicate surface.

Slim profiles suits any type of home.

Technical data:

  • Thermal transmittance frame – Uf = 1.6 W/m²K
  • – Thermal transmittance insulated glass – Ug = 1.0 W/m²K
  • – Sound protectionmaximum – 41 dB
  • – Watertightness – Class 9 / ADIN EN 12208
  • – Air permeabily – Class 4 / DIN EN 12207
  • – Resistance to wind load – Class C5 / DIN EN 12210
  • – Insulated glass maximum size – 32 mm



ROBUSTO profiles – Ideal 4000, Ideal 5000

Efficiency and Sustainability.

Impressive, is the attribute that can describe by first glance the Robusto profiles. Frames made ​​of 70mm profiles have a robust, solid aspect, that gives a great reliability. Ease of use and amazing behavior over time, strengthens confidence that Robusto windows and doors will always be like new.

Windows and doors are durable goods and Robusto category are the best proof of this. They have an outstanding influence on the every day comfort from the first contact with the,  kept at the highest level throughout the life cycle.

Although Robusto windows can be equipped with different types of glass (24mm, 28mm, 32mm or 38mm) for outstanding protection,  Practic Plast specialists recommend 40mm glass.

If you choose to revolutionary Dual Protect glass, their performance grow extraordinary.

Technical data:

  • – Thermal transmittance frame – Uf = 1.2 W/m²K
  • – Thermal transmittance insulated glass – Ug = 0.6 W/m²K
  • – Sound protection – maximum 45 dB
  • – Watertightness – Class 9 / ADIN EN 12208
  • – Air permeabily – Class 4 / DIN EN 12207
  • – Resistance to wind load – Class C5 / DIN EN 12210
  • – Insulated glass maximum size – 40 mm



VISION profiles – Ideal 8000, Energeto 8000

Windows from the future.

Behind Vision profiles  are a number of outstanding technologies leading to future thinking, but still available today.

Vision profiles are:

– 100% efficiency, quality and innovation.

– 100% efficiency, offering a level of protection as close to perfection, no matter the season.

– 100% quality, made from spectacular raw materials and technologies.

– 100% innovative, as every aspect that defines the category of Vision profiles is unique.

Vision windows means  not just protection and savings on maintenance costs, but environmental responsibility, by reducing wasted energy. A global project made real by Vision PVC windows today.

The technologies that transform Vision into a remarkable product are ultra efficient and ultra profiles reliable, recently introduced Dual Protect Extreme glass, that offers extreme protection, welding technology of glass on window frame, which stiffens window and increase the level of protection solar, thermal and sound, integrated reinforcement system that eliminates the standard fittings and leads to overall weight loss system windows or additional seals for better sealing. These are the technologies that transform vision into a an impressive product unmatched today.

Vision profiles are the solution of the future, available today.

Technical data:

  • – Thermal transmittance frame – Uf = 0.85 W/m²K
  • – Thermal transmittance insulated glass – Ug = 0.6 W/m²K
  • – Sound protection – maximum 47 dB
  • – Watertightness – Class E 900 / DIN EN 12208
  • – Air permeabily – Class 4 / DIN EN 12207
  • – Resistance to wind load – Class C5/B5DIN EN 12210
  • – Insulated glass maximum size – 53 mm




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