Practic Plast Romania is capable to offer technical solutions of thermo-insulating joinery for almost any real estate project. We are trying to be close to our client, to meet their every day expectations. That’s why we inserted in our catalogue types of profiles created for the clients living in northern part of Europe.

The Nordic Line products includes Aluplast NL Ideal 2000 / NL Ideal 4000 profiles and Rehau Nordic Brillant. All three products are tilt and turn windows offer exceptional levels of energy efficiency as well as a choice of aesthetics.

Recommended insulated glass:

4 mm Dual Protect -14 mm argon – 6 mm lowe – 12 mm argon – 4 mm float (Ug = 0.6 W/m²K)

Luminous factors  
                           Energy factors EN 410
Transmittance          58%                            Transmittance        31%
Outdoor reflectance          28%                            Outdoor reflectance        43%
Indoor reflectance          25%                            Indoor reflectance        37%
                           Solar factor g        0.37
                           Shading coefficient        0.42


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