Aluminium doors and windows systems offered by the company Practic Plast Romania can be used in all areas of the public sector or the private, from the industrial to the household. Alumil type aluminum joinery systems have a low weight, mechanical properties are stable even at high temperature differences, not rust, does not turn yellow and are resistant to environmental agents, chemical and physical agents.

Aluminum joinery can thus be used in applications that require large glass surfaces, also in various common applications, it is very durable, ensures stability, protection and comfort. High stability and durability are key reasons to choose this type of joinery, but also the possibilities of  making large items, because of its resistance.

Various applicability –  windows, doors and crossing spaces, partitions, (in combination with reflective glass, the tones and colors), verandas, winter gardens, sliding elements, curtain walls, showers and toilets.

Aluminum joinery features:

– Two or three rooms, electrostatic painted white, color, bicolor or natural;
– With or without thermal barrier;
– Low thermal coefficient in thermal barrier profiles;


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